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Hexagram March 2024

AI-powered app for studying Chinese. Generates sentences and stories from Anki flashcards.

Middle Class Text Editor [WIP] February 2024

A svelte component implementing some rich text editor functionality, using a plain old textarea element.

Heap February 2024

A visualization of a heap data structure, shown in both array and tree form.

Nomad Hypertext January 2024

A local first writing app built around semantic search. Nomad Hypertext embeds everything you write into a local vector database using a local AI model, then uses that database to show you related content for any given paragraph. This was my project at the Recurse Center.

Yurt January 2024

A static site generator that generates a list of related content for each paragraph, similar to Nomad Hypertext. My personal blog is deployed using Yurt.

exegesis January 2021

The predeccessor to Nomad Hypertext. exegesis is a writing app and blogging platform for non-linear thought. It's designed to help disorganized people (like myself) keep their ideas and thoughts neatly sorted, in an intuitive way. It is the successor project to YANA. Eventually, I got tired of manually organizing things with tags and made Nomad Hypertext.

Licks January 2024

Reusable components for my personal projects, made with Svelte and Tailwind.

Fretboard Explorer March 2023

A web app that lets you explore different scale and arpeggio shapes on a guitar fretboard. It offers the option to overlay multiple patterns at the same time, which is handy if you want to practice playing chord tones in a key.

telescope unfinished August 2023

An AI-powered TODO list. The idea was that the AI could help you break down big tasks into manageable tasks, and you could ask the AI what tasks to prioritize. In practice I found this to not be very useful, and so I stopped working on it. I open sourced it, on the off chance it's useful to someone else.

VSCode Tagged Bookmarks April 2023

A VSCode extension that lets you leave tagged bookmarks in code, so you can find locations easier. I don't really use it because it doesn't help me a lot, and this was before I knew marks in Vim were a thing (which I also don't use).

YANA July 2019

YANA was my old own personal notetaking app. I built it with an old text-editing engine that needed to be swapped out, which is why I started over with exegesis. I migrated all the users over to exegesis, so YANA is no longer available.

Focus Machine February 2021

A little web app that lets you set an intention for what you want to work on, then pings you reminding you about your goal intermittently. I stopped using it because it doesn't really help me, but who knows, maybe it'll work for you.

Hyperslide unfinished January 2022

An experimental web based slideshow creator. I ended up moving on to other projects, but I have it deployed on my website as a small tool to play with. The source code is public.